Premium Aromas

For your most trendy specialty drinks

International top tier baristas, bartenders, and chefs, are turning to flavored syrups to spice up their hot and cold drink creations and desserts. In using these new delicious ingredients, conventional coffee- and milk-based beverages are given new life, pleasing the traditional coffee drinker and enticing a whole new clientele.

Creating an original coffee drink may be as simple as adding a dash of Amaretto Syrup to a Cappuccino, or as complex as the barista’s art of Coffee Cocktails, but with MAROMAS’ wide selection of gourmet syrups interesting drink recipes are made easy for all.

Using only the finest ingredients of highest grade sugar cane, fructose, spices, and natural extracts, MAROMAS Premium Aromas are the preferred choice for discerning baristas and bartenders. And, with the expansion of coffee culture, more people are bringing syrups into their homes to flavor their favorite coffee drinks, milk shakes, cocktails, ice creams, and teas. Therefore, whatever your preference – be it at home or at work – MAROMAS Premium Aromas are sure to meet your needs and quench your thirst.

Maromas Premium Aromas Syrups are offered in 19 different tastes:

• Amaretto
• Anise
• Banana
• Cane Sugar
• Caramel
• Chocolate
• Cinnamon
• Peach
• Pomegranate
• Raspberry
• Strawberry
• Vanilla
• Coconut
• Curacao
• Hazelnut
• Jamaica
• Kiwi
• Lime
• Mint

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